The Supreme Court’s conservatives are deluded on race

The Supreme Court's conservatives are deluded on race

Letters to the Editor: The Supreme Court’s conservatives are deluded on race and affirmative action. The “majority” rule has no basis in the Constitution, and the court’s majority has been proven wrong time and again. The “rule of order” they adhere to is based on lies, and they are too afraid of losing face to do anything different. They are not doing the proper constitutional review of affirmative action and are doing nothing to stop it.

When the justices rule against “affirmative action” in a 5-4 decision, I will believe that it is about race.

As my wife said, “Now I know the difference between being right and being honest.”



The Supreme Court’s conservatives are deluded on race

I had to laugh when I read the opinion the Supreme Court handed down yesterday on affirmative action.

In its brief opinion, the court not only argued for the principle of “race-conscious affirmative action,” but it also took pains to make it clear that it was not talking about the “distinction” between African-Americans and white people:

“The Constitution does not require ‘as-applied’ racial classifications, and, in the absence of clear congressional intention to the contrary, the use of race as a factor in public education will be prohibited only on the basis of a showing of ‘nationally-determined differences’ or ‘pernicious social effects.’”

The “fact that African-Americans and whites are treated differently” is not enough.

That is simply the conservative idea of a “distinction,” and it is nothing more than a rewording of liberal talking points. It has no factual basis.

It is the opinion of the court that affirmative action is constitutional because “it is race-neutral and it is necessary to close the racial gap.”

How? Is it “necessary” because there is

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