The Second Amendment is important to our country

The Second Amendment is important to our country

Letters to the Editor: Thanksgiving has a brutal history. Can we still celebrate it?

Nov. 17, 2012 at 1:14 a.m.

I am amazed at the “lack of appreciation” you have for how things have changed since the 19th century. I was fortunate to grow up on a farm in the south. My family would put on a real feast. We would have ham from the country, turkey, potatoes, corn bread, corn pudding, and of course a big apple pie. We lived in a country that has changed in the last 100 years. We needed to change too. I feel sorry for the kids who grew up in the same era my family did. I wish I could take the opportunity to tell that generation that we would be just fine without Thanksgiving. They may not understand.

John C.


The right to bear arms is important to our country

A concealed carry permit is an important component of personal safety for one’s family – especially for a loved one who might be present at an emergency. Also, not everyone knows that their own neighbors are armed and prepared for defense, so it’s only logical that people do not know all the people who are present at all times and who might be armed.

Since we are a nation of laws and individual freedoms, the right of citizens to carry a concealed weapon is important. We know that the recent wave of violent crime in our country must be addressed in order to protect our citizens, and I’m thankful for our leaders who support a solution. But as we turn our attention to our neighbors who have taken advantage of the freedom that we enjoy, let’s remember that those responsible for the wave of violence must be held accountable, and that there are many who love us and would not do anything to harm us.

I hope that the next president will be able to make the necessary reforms for our Second Amendment.

I hope he will stand strong on behalf of the Second Amendment, which I believe is the most fundamental right in our nation.

I am sure that the next president will continue to work for the rights of the Second Amendment and carry it

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