The Family Business

The Family Business

Tupperware wants to jump from grandma’s cupboard into the cool kids’ homes, where it will be serving “cool” snacks like Doritos, Milky Way, Twinkies and pretzels.”Tupperware” is a family-owned company that has become known for its iconic cookie trays. The company, started by Bob Taras of West Michigan with an offbeat slogan “Beef in the Bed,” currently has seven factories and a nationwide network of distributors.

In addition to “Beef In the Bed,” Taras said he likes the idea of being different and wanting to set an example, much like his grandson Jack was following Taras’ example.

“Jack had his own slogan: ‘Grandpa, I’m on the road to McDonald’s.’ Now he’s on the road to The Family.” Taras said.He explained that when he was a kid, it never occurred to him that people would eat his snacks. He recalls the year he won a free toy at a fair and he went home and got in his car and drove to the fairgrounds and brought his stuffed animals home. “Jack says he got the teddy bear he wanted, but he didn’t have a Teddy Ruxpin or a Mickey Mouse watch. His mother did the same thing when she was little, got a stuffed animal and never put it down.”Taras said his son is his inspiration for setting his grandson on the path to being a success.

Jack started in the family business with a little over a year of experience working at the factories and he has worked steadily while getting involved with the company.Taras said he has given Jack guidance and told him he needed to do more than just work with the machines to earn the right to be on Team Jack.”We taught him that his first job is to see that it’s profitable,” Taras said.

Jack has been doing the same thing and he is moving forward.”I can’t say the guy doesn’t love it. He loves being there to work and he loves being a part of something bigger. He’s

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