The Duomo’s and Campania

The Duomo's and Campania

A Pizza Pilgrimage to Campania

I don’t remember exactly how I got on the plane, but I do remember the flight from New York. It was crowded and hot and it took forever to get there. The plane landed in Naples late in the afternoon. It felt like our whole lives had been taken up by the last week, and then it was over. But the next day, I got to experience Campania for the very first time.

Before we left, my parents gave me permission to pick up my brother and I from the train station. I felt apprehensive because I was used to being picked up at the end of the day by my older brother and not being able to ask him about what he was up to. This was the first time we would be spending time together away from home. But I didn’t care about any of that. I just wanted to be with my brother and spend some time together.

We got to the station a bit after seven o’clock and stood there for a while, not really knowing what to do. It seems like everyone wanted to go to the same places, restaurants, shops, museums and things. But my brother suggested going to the Duomo’s. I was skeptical at first, but he insisted that we didn’t mind standing in line with all of the other tourists. And in the end, we went and stood in line for a very long time.

After standing in line for an hour, my brother decided that we should find somewhere to eat. We decided to go to one of our friends’ house for lunch. It was a long way away from the station, but we didn’t care. We had a lot of things to share and we were hungry. Finally, we found a place close by and walked there.

Our friend lives in a small town called Castelcuttine. We walked a bit further, but the traffic in Naples was terrible and we ended up going back to our friend’s because we had to walk to our own home. I felt really sad because my brother had been gone for the whole day. He had gone to the Duomo to see a statue of a saint and we had been standing in line for hours. It seemed like we weren’t even doing anything, just standing in the same

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