SNL CEO Kevin Murphy: “State leaders set to tackle rooftop solar after high court ruling”

SNL CEO Kevin Murphy: "State leaders set to tackle rooftop solar after high court ruling"

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A recent article by the Sacramento Bee, “State leaders set to tackle rooftop solar after high court ruling” (July 22, 2015), describes the “new regulatory landscape,” as the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has put a stake in the ground for the “massive” rooftop solar industry. “The new regulatory landscape for rooftop solar is a big deal,” says CEO Kevin Murphy of the California-based electric-meter manufacturer and distributor. “After months of uncertainty for the industry, we now have a clear regulatory framework. The new rules provide certainty for a fast-growing industry, and our customers have the certainty they need to move forward.” In 2013, the CPUC issued preliminary guidance on its proposed new rules. “We are pleased that the final regulations are consistent with the guidance we have provided on our proposed rules,” Murphy said. “They establish a robust framework for the next generation of rooftop solar customers that will help the entire industry transition smoothly into a broader, more sustainable solar market.” He noted that the final rules “provide for more options and predictability for California’s residential rooftop solar customers, and we look forward to working with the Department of Public Utilities and other stakeholders on an amended final rule that supports our customers’ ability to take control of their energy consumption.” The CPUC’s Office of Ratepayer Advocates also released a statement supporting the industry’s efforts to ensure that its customers have more control “of the products and services that will fuel their homes for years to come.” Murphy also noted that his company, which has been a supporter of rooftop solar for several years, will continue to work with the CPUC to provide guidance and technical support for the industry. For more information:

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The Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNL) is committed to the conservation and sustainable use of energy. Specially adapted equipment and technology to reduce global warming emissions and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy production and processes, with a focus on low-carbon technologies and services, are core to our Company’s commitment. Since 2006, SNL’s mission has been to grow and deliver energy solutions to help transform our world. SNL is pleased to announce that, following a successful pilot program in North Carolina, the company’s first commercial roof-

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