Biden’s team is working to shore up the campaign ahead of the holiday weekend

Biden's team is working to shore up the campaign ahead of the holiday weekend

Biden to supercharge COVID-19 booster campaign ahead of holidays

New Jersey Democratic Senate nominee Phil Murphy is spending the coronavirus-related Easter break fundraising from his home state to help close the financial gap for his campaign for the 2020 U.S. vice presidency and other 2020 Democratic presidential bids.

With the coronavirus pandemic having affected many of the Democratic candidates in early February, Biden’s team is now trying to maximize their use of the time for the 2020 campaign by making campaign appearances and releasing “campaign-specific” digital ads ahead of the holiday weekends.

“It’s not like they’re going to disappear just for a week,” a Biden campaign official said. “We are going to make a sustained effort to raise money and do everything we can to make sure our voters hear and see the kind of campaign we’re trying to build.”

The official added that “we’re not going to just fade away.”

The campaign will use digital ads, paid social media and other campaign strategies to boost the campaign, the official said. “We know that this is a time of opportunity and so we’re going to put extra effort into the coming weeks to ensure that people understand how Biden is about to fight for all of us and make sure that we get out the vote on Election Day.”

Biden’s team is spending the break helping to raise money in key states like Pennsylvania and Virginia, where he has a strong lead in the polls and where voter turnout is a factor in the general election.

Biden is also helping to raise money for Democratic Senate candidates in New Jersey, where he is leading his party’s primary. A handful of other statewide races in the state are also on the ballot this fall.

A Biden aide said the campaign is working to shore up the financial ground game ahead of the general election in November. “We know that the numbers are critical and Democrats in 2018 were devastated by our losses statewide,” the aide said. “By 2020, we

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