Why You Should Use Our Pre-Season Predictions

Why You Should Use Our Pre-Season Predictions

N.F.L. Week 11 Predictions: Our Picks for Each Game

This is the kind of thing that happens every year. Our team has built its reputation on its ability to accurately project and anticipate football outcomes. This year’s “best” team is built on the fact that some of them even make predictions. This is exactly why the NFL playoffs are often called the “Playoffs”.

Every year the Chicago Bears are the best team in the NFL but somehow there are always three or four teams that can make the NFC championship game (in no particular order). This is why we have made it our business to predict the playoff matchups. We’ll even take a look at the playoff race and how we might project how the Chicago Bears will fare in the postseason.

You may ask, “What makes your predictions better than other sites?” Simply put, you are better at projecting the outcomes of games because you use the exact same information other sites use.

Your “preseason prediction” of the NFL draft is a lot like how other teams have gone about the draft over the last two years. Our pre-season projections are based on the exact same information that has been used by other teams over the past two seasons.

That being said, you can’t take information that has been used in past seasons and use it in a new way. Your pre-season projection doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but you at least shouldn’t ever change it significantly.

Your “regular season prediction” isn’t based on the exact same information that other sites are using but you can still make that prediction with a high degree of confidence. Our regular season predictions will include the same information about which player will go in the first round, where the team will be, and how much playing time the player will get.

We also use the same “system” to project the outcome of any particular game as is used by professional sports teams. With that said,

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