The Walking Dead: AMC and Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead: AMC and Rick Grimes

How ‘The Walking Dead’ changed the course of the TV revolution

“The Walking Dead” started out as a TV movie. It is the story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the sheriff of Alexandria, Tenn., who is dying of cancer and is trapped on a farm. He has no choice but to find a place to hide while he waits for his cancer to claim him.

Rick is a loner at heart, though in Alexandria he has many friends and acquaintances, all of whom he protects and defends.

In “The Walking Dead,” we saw the story of how Rick, Daryl (Norman Reedus), and Andrea (Sarah Wayne Callies) met after he saved Andrea from a bully in high school. When the show ended, the core of the story took place at the farm with Rick, where he has come to terms with his mortality, is confronted by his demons and works to bury the past, yet he still feels lonely and has to rely on his friends and his farm’s animals.

We still don’t know when “The Walking Dead” will return — but it is so very likely that AMC will do everything it can to get it back up and running before the end of this year.

More importantly, AMC and “The Walking Dead” have done what no other TV show has done so far: they have reshaped the content of an existing TV series by taking characters, themes, politics, etc. and making them available for a real audience. The first part of “The Walking Dead” was like watching a live-action movie for the first time, but then the second part took over and the show became a TV series, which is why it is so very important that the show succeeds.

“The Walking Dead” has been criticized on a number of grounds — namely that it is too gory and that the zombies are not scary and that you can’t really get a sense of what people are thinking. Those will likely be gone when the show returns, which would be good. AMC has said that the second season will introduce a new character that will have a bigger role in the next season and then the show will become about the people, their problems, their relationships, and their friendships.

What is happening may not be what you may think.

The most important character in “The Walking Dead” is Rick Grimes. Everyone else in the show exists so that he can have his “private world” away from the rest of the world, and that’s

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