The President is willing to give up his energy plan

The President is willing to give up his energy plan

TUCKER CARLSON: All prosperity in this country depends ultimately on energy. But when it comes to energy, we’ve got a lot to figure out.


CARLSON: And the fact that he’s willing to give it up right here on CNN is rather remarkable, as well.

You’re seeing on the screen there is the President talking.


BUSH: As I understand, it’s going to take at least another 4 to 5 years to get this energy plan approved to my satisfaction. It’s going to take at least another four or five years to get this plan approved by the Congress.


CARLSON: And he’s getting what he can from Congress now, which is that the Senate is going to give him six more months. He doesn’t want to wait until next December. And I spoke to him a moment ago in the oval office.

Mr. President, the Republicans control Congress. They control the White House. Can this be done? Can this be done by you? If you can get the bill to my desk, I can sign it. If you have to do it with the help of the Democrats, we are going to get it passed.

If you can get it through the Senate, then, yes, you can sign it. But you can’t get it through the Congress, that’s what they tell me.

How does that work? That’s going to require the Republican Congress and the Republican White House and the Republican leadership to compromise and you know, not have too much of a fight on major issues.

MARTIN: Well, no kidding.

CARLSON: As I asked, it does not surprise me. I mean, you know, the history of the past 40 years is not encouraging.

MARTIN: You know, you make yourself sound like a great

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