The Last Day of Rosalind Wyman’s Life

The Last Day of Rosalind Wyman's Life

Letters to the Editor: Rosalind Wyman’s was a life well lived

Editor, November 12, 2014

Rosalind Wyman had a busy week. On Monday, she began the work of wrapping up a book I was editing. On Tuesday, she held back some of the final words from the manuscript, so that we could get them typed and reviewed before we released them to the world. On Wednesday, we were in Philadelphia with our publishing house.

In her own words, she “finished the book.”

The job, which was quite long, took more than six months. And when it was done, I was a bit worried about how Rosalind would handle herself for the first few days after returning to her business in her home state. For me, that was like the final chapter of a novel. I wanted to know how she would respond to the world. I hoped that she would be the same as she had been before: she was a strong, independent woman, but also open, caring and kind.

And I was right.

She got back to town on Friday, November 12 to attend the local American Legion Hall. After having gone through a life of service, she had a chance to attend the annual Veterans Day breakfast with a group that included veterans, family members, friends and people who were close to the family. After that, she spent the rest of the day cleaning up her house, and hanging out with her wonderful daughters.

The family was with her at the Legion on Friday night. They were able to attend the Veterans Day dinner in their honor at the Ritz Carlton on Saturday.

On Sunday we had our annual Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws’, where I was able to meet the wonderful members of our family and to see Rosalind. The meal was wonderful, but the most special moment was when Rosalind was able to sit with me as I told her about my son.

On Monday, I was able to take Rosalind to the Philadelphia chapter of the American Cancer Society, where she met and spoke to families who have lost loved ones to cancer.

All the while, she was writing some important letters, including the ones to the editor of this newspaper.

In Rosalind’s spare time, she was taking classes while working on her book. She received an

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