How to Make More Politicians

How to Make More Politicians

Letters to the Editor: L.A. needs more politicians? How a bigger City Council makes government smaller, not bigger.

You have to hand it to a city government that can pass more laws on less than two minutes’ notice.

You have to hand it to L.A.’s government, which keeps on keeping its finger on the pulse of the electorate.

It’s no wonder the politicians who have served the city over decades have a record of never having missed election season for a single day.

And now some politicians have stepped into the election fray, at the cost of the city budget, with one or two having been appointed by the mayor.

That is unacceptable.

So how do I make “more” politicians?

How about I encourage folks who run for mayor and city council positions, who have the experience and talent to serve, to step up.

I’m not talking about people running for a second and third time, or third and fourth, and on down the line. I’m talking about people running for the positions that have attracted them to this city — the one that has given them a career, the ones they want to spend their life in. And, more often than not, it has attracted them for a reason — because it is the center of the universe, and you can’t do that unless you find a niche.

The thing is, that is not the L.A. I want to live in.

In the L.A. I want to live in, the people have to look to each other for leadership and for advice. The city has a lot of problems, and there may not be enough business to go around.

So that we are going to need to find it at the level of the mayor, city controller and City Council membership.

I mean, if we had a

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