How I Met David Morrell

How I Met David Morrell

A Slow Dance Toward a ‘Beautifully Intoxicating’ Romance: An Interview with David Morrell and David Levithan

“I’m trying to be romantic with life – not romantic in a traditional, old-fashioned way, but I like to be in my own way and have a love life that’s really all about me and is very, very, much my life.” —David Morrell

I’ve been wanting to talk to David for a while about our lives, but like many people I don’t meet until the day of the interview, the day they call to make my reservation at a restaurant, the day I meet them at a party to discuss this book and the movie that ends it. So we both get our book and movie advance publicity out of the way quickly before we actually meet and talk about it.

In David’s case, I’m not exactly sure why he chose this way of announcing him as my editor. He says he thinks it’s because of the way I work. He thinks I’m very much a free spirit and he likes the fact that I’m not a traditional editor and that I like to take a little more time to consider a book before deciding what it is. We talked on the phone for a long time, and then I took a day off to think about whether I really wanted to do it. Then I went to see him in his office, which is upstairs from our apartment in New York City. And it was just as described. He asked me all about everything. It was very revealing.

He’s got a few books to his credit, which he’s always been proud of. He still loves to write, but he doesn’t have time to write books. There’s never enough time to write a book. For him, he has to live in a world where he has to do a project that’s important for somebody else, and that he hasn’t quite figured out how to do

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