House Speaker Paul Ryan Needs to Deliver Legislation to Secure His Position

House Speaker Paul Ryan Needs to Deliver Legislation to Secure His Position

Congress to see record breaking number of women in office come January 3

The Republican Party’s “Make America Great Again” is not working, and the party has failed to deliver a single piece of legislation since President Trump took the oath of office.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is going to need Republican voters to come out in strong numbers against Democrats to keep them in power. And, he needs to be able to deliver some legislation to secure his position until the 2020 elections.

In an interview with FOX Business Network released this morning, Ryan said the best and most powerful thing he could do for his party was to give Republicans a clear path to victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), a staunch Trump supporter, told FOX Business: “This is one of the reasons that I joined the Republican Party. Because I see what the president is trying to do and he promised he would make America great again.

“What we need is a president who is able to get things done.”

During a private meeting between Trump and Ryan, the House Speaker discussed the Republican Party’s chances of winning the upcoming midterm elections. Trump said that if the House Republicans want to make sure there is continuity in the Senate and the White House come January 3, he would need to deliver on his key campaign promises.

Ryan said,

“When I see us, I see the future of the Republican Party. I believe we’ve got to have a very successful election. There’s no question about it. And I think it’s important that we get this right.

“For me to get my job done, I need the president to be successful, and there’s only one way to do it. That’s to pass the Republican Majority in this Congress. That’s what I say. When I see us, I want to be successful.

“I need our Republican colleagues to come together, and I’m very confident that we will come together. We’ve got to do everything we can to make sure

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