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Dmitry Tursunov says she left the Russian team after a contract talks

Dmitry Tursunov says she left the Russian team after a contract talks

Emma Raducanu’s former coach Dmitry Tursunov says he left because of ‘red flags’

Emma Raducanu’s former coach Dmitry Tursunov says she was unhappy in her role with the Ukrainian national women’s team and left in December 2016 after the Russian team agreed to pay her and her family, after a failed contract talks. He says she had been unhappy with her coach and had already announced that she would leave the team before her contract was signed.

Tursunov is the former assistant coach of the Russian national women’s team since 2014.

Tursunov says that after the last women’s training camp in the United Arab Emirates, Raducanu decided to leave her post as she was unhappy with her role with the national team. Tursunov says that after signing Raducanu with a contract, the other players had a meeting with him but he says Raducanu didn’t respond to his suggestion.

Tursunov said his assistant had told him at a meeting with the players, Raducanu told him to ask for her resignation, which she did. Tursunov says after Raducanu left the national team she didn’t get her role back, but that she got some money.

Tursunov says Raducanu and the others had an argument about the money and Raducanu said he would take care of it, but that she didn’t see it as part of the agreement.

Raducanu had initially been paid RUB 30,000 (US$2,500) to coach the Russian women’s team, but it was later increased to RUB 50,000, said Tursunov. Tursunov said the deal was done in December 2016 after she had already resigned.

“I told her, you just signed a contract, you have nothing more to do with the team here,’ Tursunov said. “Emma became upset, she took it that way and left the national team within a short time.”

Tursunov says he and the other coaches of the women�

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